World First Blockchain Baby Born in Tanzania

Dutch PharmAcess and Irish AID: Tech partnered to form a blockchain project that would help them to distribute charitable donations without fraud using blockchain technology. The partnership is also being used to create another plan that assists pregnant women in Tanzania to receive outside contribution and use the blockchain ledger to track their health progress during pregnancy.

How it works is each pregnant woman gets a digital ID that’s on the blockchain, this gives them access to medicines and prenatal vitamins such as folic acid. To have a successful pregnancy and avoiding complication everything is recorded on the blockchain, from the day they get registered to every medical appointment, and finally, birth. On July 13th, 2018 doctors delivered the first baby to be born and recorded on the blockchain.

Irish Tech: AID CEO, Joseph Thompson, started the project after experiencing first-hand the effects of fraud in charity, which set him out on a mission to ensure that charitable donations reach their intended beneficiaries using Blockchain technology.

With privacy concern AID: Tech was contacted and asked how the organization was handling the privacy of its recipients, especially in the matter of the pregnant Tanzanian women. Mr. Thompson responded via email, stating:

“A key feature of the AID: Tech platform is that we’ve created a complete separation of private data, held on a traditional Structured Query Language (SQL) database that is encrypted and not accessible by the blockchain. The blockchain data itself holds identities in the form of anonymous, unique identifiers linked to other items that are associated to the identity, such as medical records, prescription drugs, tests or entitlements.”

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