Police Arrest Four in Ukrainian Alleged Cryptocurrency Exchange Fraud

Ukranian Police have arrested four men in connection with running six fraudulent exchanges. These are the fake exchange.
The websites the accused deployed are:
1. moneycraft.info
2. wowex.online
3. swapex.net
4. myexchanger.lv
5. iconvex.net
6. likechange.biz

The four suspects are between ages 20 and 26. They would seduce users by promoting the exchanges with fake positive ratings and online reviews. The police report said that the suspects had “special knowledge and skills in the field of programming” and “have created their own CMS-system for managing the content of exchange sites.”

The police raided the suspect’s residence and have confiscated several credit and debit cards, computers, flash drives, smartphones, and other devices. According to a spokesperson for the Ukrainian National Police, “the list of sites is not complete.” Now authorities are asking users to provide information about whether they were deceived by fraudulent exchanges before. The amount of money stolen from the users is not yet known.