NFTs are taking Africa by storm

NFTs are taking Africa by storm, and Nzvedaz Big Five Project is taking the lead!

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rage these days, and it’s no different in Africa. An NFT is a digital token like cryptocurrency which uses blockchain technology. Unlike Bitcoin or other fungible tokens, which are all interchangeable, each NFT is unique. This makes them perfect for art, music, and other forms of digital media. In Africa, NFTs are being used to buy and sell everything from traditional art to cryptocurrency.

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular on the African continent due to their ability to help artists and other creatives generate revenue. For example, an artist in Ghana can create an NFT of a traditional African mask and sell it to a collector in Nigeria. The benefits of using NFTs extend beyond simply generating revenue, though. They also help to promote African culture and creativity on a global scale.

Nzvedaz Big Five Project Is building Africa’s first None Fungible Token (NFT) trading marketplace. According to their website, the Project aims to bring exclusive art and artifacts from Africa’s prominent artists across the whole industry spectrum, from musicians to dancers, writers, actors, painters, and sculptors. The marketplace is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which will ensure that the owners of the arts or artifacts will receive profit for their works.

The Big Five native Token BFT will be used to pay marketplace fees and purchase NFTs. The marketplace is an excellent idea because African art has never taken its fair share of the multi-billion dollar industry. It’s a sad state that many African artifacts are currently being displayed in European museums and sales organizations, despite their illegal origins or purchase by people who don’t have permission to possess them. Nzvedaz Big Five NFT Platform will offer African artists the opportunity to mint and monetize their art.