Game of Throne Actor, Bronn now an Advisor of VeganCoin

While millions of fans are still reeling from the effect of the last episode of famous TV series Game of Thrones, its actors have moved on. Jerome Flynn, the Actor who plays Bronn in Game of Thrones is now an advisor to the crypto, VeganCoin. Jerome is now a member of the advisory board of VeganNation, a vegan lifestyle inspired cryptocurrency.

Although Jerome has joined the venture since February, CoinDesk recently brought it to the limelight. Reports have it that the GOT actor is an animal rights activist as well as a vegetarian for the last 35 years. He also happens to be the patron of the UK’s Vegetarian Society. It is no wonder that he supports VeganCoin. VeganNation aspires to build an ecosystem in support of vegans through a platform to exchange products and services.

Ironically, Jerome who played the role of Bron was appointed as Master of Coin to Bran the Broken on GOT. It isn’t too far fetched now seeing him as an adviser to the vegan nation. The Israel-based cryptocurrency project aims to offer a “100% cruelty-free” platform and plans to do this through its own cryptocurrency token, VeganCoin. VeganCoin aims to raise between $10 million and $60 million in its initial coin offering. VeganCoin’s pre-sale began at the end of April and 10 per cent of the proceeds are for incentivising the ecosystem’s rangers and the community as revealed by the Vegan Nation “ green paper.”

Jerome is not the first celebrity to dabble into cryptocurrencies. But most often these celebrity-backed ventures do not end well.  Celebrities such as Boxer, Floyd Mayweather and rapper, DJ Khaled were involved in a crypto backed project that ended with the founded been charged with fraud. The financial watchdog of the United Kingdom, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned its citizens to refrain from investing in celebrity-backed crypto projects as most of them have turned out to be scams. As it is, investors in the country have lost over $34 million due to cryptocurrency systems.

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