Can Guap Coin Create Support for Black-Owned Businesses?

A lot of effort has been put in place to bridge the lack of diversity in the blockchain and cryptocurency space. Guap coin is a spendable token that is creating diversity in the cryptosphere. Founded by an African-American momprenuer, Tavonia Evans, Guap coin rewards its users for supporting urban and black-owned businesses.

The initiative behind Guap coin was to create a “buy black” movement powered by the blockchain technology.  The initiative was initially aimed at incentivizing the black community to invest in black-owned businesses. However, Guap coin has evolved to encompass the unbanked, marginalized as well as other disadvantaged community creating diversity.

Evans launched the Atlanta-based coin back on November 17, 2017. $Guap coin, however, has grown to have more than 2,500 wallet users on its blockchain.  On January 1st, 2020, $Guap coin was finally listed on although its price action chart is currently unavailable. The coin is hosted on its own Guap Blockchain . As at the time of writing, there the coin supply of Guap is 23845349.61012801 while the circulating supply is 22375349.61012101. Guap coin creates new blocks approximately every minute and each masternode recipients receive 25 Guap coins in return.

In addition, you have the opportunity to either get a masternode or a wallet. As a Masternode owner, you will be known as a GUAP Governor. You will need 10,000 GUAP Coins as collateral before you can own a Guap masternode. A masternode is saddled with the responsibility of creating instant transactions, known as and private transactions. Guap Masternodes owners earn 80% of the block reward that is generated from the creation of each new block.

Furthermore, $Guap Coin aims to launch its merchant platform which will act as a bridge between consumers and businesses. Black-owned businesses can begin to register to offer their goods and services to participate in the Guap ecosystem. Participating businesses will be able to get funding to expand their businesses via the Guap platform.  Also, customers will be able to make a purchase using the GUAP Pay card or mobile wallet. Black-owned businesses and other minority groups will definitely benefit from Guap coin.

Its Black History Month, do you think that Guap coin can really make a difference in black owned businesses and minority groups?

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