Akon to speak on his token, Akoin at the Malta A.I and Blockchain Summit

Akon is set to speak at the annual Malta A.I and Blockchain Summit. The hip-hop star and Grammy nominee will be talking about his cryptocurrency project, Akoin at the even. The summit is scheduled to hold in November, 2019. 

At the summit, Akon will talk about the Akoin cryptocurrency, a token built around an ecosystem that aims to provide Africa entrepreneurs a headstart in the global world. Akoin is currently running a donation phase called the Token of Appreciation (TOA). This is a sort of remuneration where every donor gets Three (3) TOA for every dollar donated. 

The Akoin project goes beyond the cryptocurrency and includes a smart city that will be powder by the token. As it is, 2,000 acres of land was gifted to Akon by Macky Sall, the president of Senegal to establish the Afro-futuristic city.  

According to Akon, the city will run on renewable energy. He says, “The whole idea with the city is to create a renewable city. He also explains that “Crypto is the money spent in the city; all digital. All renewable energy; no gas, no nothing. And clearly, we’ll create platforms of all of today’s newest technologies embedded within the city itself.”

Before the creation of Akoin, the RnB singer had been involved in philanthropic works this includes the Light up Africa Project. Akon aims to provide electricity for African homes. At the Malta A.I and Blockchain summit, Akon will be speaking about his projects and how the blockchain-based solution, Akoin can transform Africa. 

The Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit was first held in November 2018, and 8,500 persons from over 80 different countries were in attendance. The summit covers topics on blockchain technology, big data A.I, IoT and Quantum technology. Last year, Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen, was in attendance. This year, the event will feature globally renowned speakers of which Akoon will be a part. To book tickets for Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit, click here.