Akoin offers 3 Akoin Token of Appreciation for Every $1 Donated

Akoin is poised to be the native African cryptocurrency, creating opportunities for African entrepreneurs and the world. Akoin was first announced at the 2018, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity by its creator, ace musician and grammy nominee, Akon. The cryptocurrency which aims to transform Africa will be giving out three (3) Akoin “Tokens of Appreciation” for every dollar donated.

As it is, the Akoin token of appreciatioin which was created towards the building and the launch of the Akoin’s digital currency has already raised $164k in its inaugural campaign. The funds will go a long way in helping the platform continue its philanthropic programs and the Akoin Entrepreneurs.  The TOA is the first of its kind in the cryptosphere as donors are literally being appreciated for their donations.

Presently, the Akoin token of appreciation does not hold any monetary value. However, once the cryptocurrency reaches its fund raising target of $1M, the TOA will be distributed “at different tiers.”  The TOA will be distributed to donors sometime this year. The donations will aid the Akoin ecosystem achieve some of its set goals which includes closing the projected job gap of 50 million jobless persons in Africa by 2030. To achieve this goal, Akoin aims to create 2 Million CEOs in Africa and the donations will go a long way in helping.  About $150,000 was raised earlier and it has been utilised and the first set of entrepreneurs have been activated in the form of the Akoin ambassadors.  

Currently, the amount of TOA available for distribution is placed at 3,000TOAs. About 2,639 persons have participated in the Akoin token of appreciation already and $168,466.44 has been raised as at the time of writing. As the founder of Akoin, Akon has successfully launched Akon Lighting Africa with the aim of providing solar power solutions to over 100M of the 600M Africans who live without electricity. The Akoin ecosystem and its philanthropist arm the Akoin foundation is a reflection of what the cryptocurreny aims to achieve-development across Africa and the world. Interested donors in the Akoin Token of Appreciation can still donate at akointoa.org as the donation time frame runs till September 2019.