African Bitcoin Educator Refunds BTC Mistakenly Sent To his wallet

It’s not so hard to lose your cryptocurrency, just send it to the wrong wallet! This was the case of Keith Mali Chung. Keith had received a huge sum of Bitcoin from an unknown person, and he began a search to return it back to the owner.

Keith, who is also known on Twitter as BitcoinKeith, is an African bitcoin educator. He is also the co-founder and President of LOOPBLOOK Network, an African AI and blockchain company. He tweeted on September 12 that he had received a huge sum of BTC and it could likely be from someone he had transacted with before. 

Before putting out the tweet, Keith had waited for several hours without getting feedback from the supposed sender of the coin. To prevent unscrupulous individuals from taking advantage of the situation, he asked that the owner of the BTC reached out to him with the time of the transaction, the exact amount, and wallet digits.

He didn’t stop there, he went further to other social media communities in search of the owner. According to WivaCoin, he got some responses asking him to keep the BTC. However, Keith did not see this as manna from heaven. He states, “It would have been cool to tag it as some manna from above, but for me, that’s not what I call cool.”


The 7.8 BTC Keith had received was worth $80,000. He finally found the owner, who had whitelisted his bitcoin wallet and mistakenly credited his wallet instead of sending the BTC to another person. 

Keith also serves as the African Ambassador to Beaxy Exchange, a US-based crypto firm. He had planned on donating the BTC to Binance Charity Foundation or an orphanage if claims weren’t laid within a few days. But, thankfully, the owner had claimed the BTC.

He tweeted an update of the situation, “In Africa, which is where I am situated, 80% we transact cryptos through WhatsApp escrows and someone who himself and I had a business in the past made this huge mistake of sending 7.8BTC into my blockchain wallet. I spread the words round & he reached out.”

The integrity Keith showed is admired. He had also reminded us of the importance of double-checking the account details before sending cryptocurrency. 

Image credit: pixabay, Twitter